Over 75 Christmas bags for homeless

One family’s idea to spread Christmas joy has led to more than 75 Christmas bags being donated to the homeless.

Jodie Grove, of Cowes – together with her daughters, Penny, 8, and Betty, 4 – got the idea for a ‘reverse advent calendar’ online, then decided to collect Christmas bags for the homeless on the Isle of Wight.

Jodie said: “At first, we made a few bags but Trevor, from the kitchen, said there were at least 15 people who visit his food trailer in the winter, so we decided to put a plea on Facebook to get a few more bags.”

Ever since her first Facebook post, people from across the Island have been donating Christmas bags for the homeless. These include warm winter clothing, toiletries and Christmas cards.

Jodie continued: “I had people I’ve never met before knocking on my door and handing me these bags — everyone just wants to spread a bit of Christmas love.”
The Grove family have now taken their heap of Christmas bags to the IW Pop-up Soup Kitchen and a charity helping the homeless in Southampton.

“It was such an amazing turnout — we are over the moon.” Jodie exclaimed.