Newport man head-butts glass door

A Newport man with mental health issues head-butted a plate glass door at the Isle of Wight Drug and Alcohol Service Centre in Carisbrooke Road, Newport.

Leon Carr, 38, of Garden Way, pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage when he appeared before magistrates on Friday (December 28).

The court heard that Carr had threatened to kill himself when he attended the centre on December 11.

In mitigation, Carr’s defence lawyer, Oscar Vincent, claimed his client had had a history of mental health issues, such as chronic depression and anxiety.

Oscar Vincent went on to explain that Carr had had his benefits stopped and was waiting for Universal Credit, which had left him without any source of income for nine weeks.

When Carr told staff in a moment of desperation that he would throw himself in front of traffic, they had barricaded a door, which Carr then proceeded to head-butt.

For the prosecution, Vivian Ducie stated: “I accept he was in a very distressed state and was seeking help when he took this action.”

Carr was given a 12 month conditional discharge and told to pay costs of £45 and a surcharge of £20.