Learning Saves Lives with Air Ambulance

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) is calling on schools, clubs and youth groups to help keep their paramedics ‘life-saving ready’ by taking part in their new education campaign; Learning Saves Lives.

It costs the charity £6 per day to fund the training of one critical care paramedic over the course of a year. With the help of four-to-16-year-olds across the region, HIOWAA aims to raise £30,000, enough to train 15 of their paramedics. The charity is encouraging schools and youth groups to raise funds by hosting non-uniform days and dress up days.

HIOWAA Director of Fundraising, Rachel Leaman, said: “Every day is a school day for our critical care paramedics, and they need your help to allow them to keep learning. If a class of 30 pupils each donated £1, imagine what a difference that would make!”

The launch of Learning Saves Lives follows the success of Save Up to Suit Up, which recently funded over 30 new flight suits for the charity. Over the past five years HIOWAA has been running education programmes which have reached over 80,000 three-to-18-year-olds across the region.

Schools and clubs interested in getting involved in Learning Saves Lives should visit the charity’s ‘Get Involved’ website page, where they can find fundraising packs with interactive resources to help young people with their fundraising: www.hiowaa.org