Recycling – in a Nutshell!

Ventnor resident Lesley Genge has created a cleaning refill programme that gives the local community the chance to reuse bottles for other purposes, in a bid to increase recycling of waste.

Lesley’s Nutshell has been open for over 12 years, selling organic whole foods and cleaning products, alongside wooden and traditional toys, fair trade and handmade gifts.

Keen to make a difference, Lesley initially reached out to Ventor locals to see if reusing Bio-D refill bottles would be of interest. Now people across Ventnor are making use of Bio-D 15L bottles, from farmers and builders to avid gardeners in their allotments. They use the containers for various purposes including storing water for watering plants and carrying water to animal troughs.

Lesley said: “Ever since setting up the programme I’ve had the support from both my town and my suppliers, which is really wonderful. It’s going from strength to strength, and working with Bio-D has enabled me to make this happen.”