Jay Miller’s Circus adverts targeted by ‘sad killjoy’

Advertising for a popular Island event is being taken down by an unknown person or persons.

Jay Miller’s Circus, which occupies a seasonal space in Wootton, has taken to social media to aks for help from Islanders in catching a “sad killjoy” who has been taking down their posters.

A “sad killjoy” has been taking down the circus posters.

The circus says it has permission for the posters and claim the individual or individuals responsible have also been spreading rumours that the circus is closed.

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Jay Miller’s Circus wrote on Facebook: “To all our Island Facebook friends. Please be on the lookout for what can only be described as a sad killjoy who is travelling around the island taking down our advertising boards and posters!

“Which, by the way, all have permission to be displayed until the circus has finished. They are also spreading rumours saying the Circus has finished & left the Island. WE HAVE NOT! We have performances everyday until the September 2 as advertised.[/su_column]

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“This person, or persons, obviously do not want us to keep visiting. We love the Island and with all your continued support we will return year after year regardless of what they try to do.”