Island’s first Board Game Cafe to open

Board, the Island’s first dedicated board game café is to open its doors at 11am this Saturday. With an ever-expanding stock of over 200 games available, organisers say there is certain to be something to suit every age range, skill or interest level.

Board games have enjoyed a huge resurgence in recent years and give people a chance to disconnect from their tech devices and reconnect with each other. There will be no WiFi on offer, and the café is promoting itself as a tech free haven, encouraging people to leave their screens alone, engage with friends and family, meet new people and talk.

The idea for the board game café is simple: there will be a small cover charge of £4 for 3 hours gaming, and visitors can choose from the extensive library of games. Staff will be on hand to help people understand the rules or adjudicate at the end of the game. There is also a small retail section for visitors to buy the games they’ve enjoyed playing.

There will also be age friendly morning sessions to encourage older people who may be feeling isolated or lonely to socialise with their peers. Discussions are underway with the local Autism Inclusion Matters Association to arrange regular sessions for their members.

Karen Longhurst, of Board IOW, said: “The concept behind Board was to run a fun, friendly venue for everyone. It isn’t just about die-hard gamers, but anyone who wants an escape from the everyday.”