Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance smash 8000 missions

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance have flown to their 8000th mission.

The crew who responded to the milestone mission on Wednesday evening (August 1) were Dr Liz Shewry, specialist critical care paramedics, Mike Funge and Oliver Saddler and pilot Marcus Doyle.

The milestone comes as the charity experienced it’s busiest month of the year so far, with 164 call-outs recorded in July.

Since the first flight 11 years ago, the Charity’s Critical Care Teams respond to seriously ill or injured patients across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Doctors, paramedics and pilots make up the Critical Care Teams, with the charity team constantly fundraising to keep the air ambulance flying and saving lives.

Specialist critical care paramedic, Oliver Saddler – Credit: HIOWAA

As well as having the air ambulance, the charity also provides a Critical Care Team Vehicle. The Volvo XC90 is staffed with specialist critical care paramedics and doctors who carry the same equipment as the air ambulance; both deliver the same level of care that you would expect from a hospital emergency department.

The car can reach patients where the air ambulance may not be able to land, such as city centres.

Chief executive of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, Alex Lochrane said: “We are proud to have been able to deliver this life-saving service to so many people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

“8000 call-outs means we have been able to reach 8000 people in their hour of need. This is only possible thanks to the generosity of the local community.

Picture L to R: Specialist critical care paramedic Oliver Saddler, Dr Liz Shewry, specialist critical care paramedic Mike Funge, pilot Marcus Doyle – Credit: HIOWAA

“We are not government funded. Our charity is run entirely on donations from the community, for the community. I am truly grateful to anyone who puts some pennies in one of our collection pots, plays our Charity Lottery, donates monthly or takes on one of our fundraising challenges. Any donation, big or small, makes such a difference.”


Visit the Charity website here to find out how you can support them or to donate.