Full Council could ‘take back control’ of Island parking charges

An outspoken member of the Isle of Wight Council claims that an amendment he hopes to move at Full Council on Wednesday 16th January will allow the Full Council to ‘take back control’ of the principles that must be followed during the current Island-wide review of parking charges.

Speaking on Sunday, Cllr Chris Whitehouse said “my amendment on parking charges sets out very clearly for the Lead Member, Cllr Ian Ward, and the senior officers who will be conducting the parking charge review, the principles upon which it should be based. Those principles are that the review should lead to charges that are:

equitable, easily understood, widely advertised and strike the right balance between the need to manage traffic, the convenience of residents, and the viability of local businesses.

‘I am confident that my amendment will pass, not least because following constructive dialogue with the Lead Member, Cllr Ward, I anticipate that he will enthusiastically endorse them.”

In a note to all Members of the Council circulated on Sunday (January 13), Chris argues that ‘This is Full Council being given the opportunity to take back control’ of the principles underpinning parking charges; adding that ‘given how important parking charges are right across the island, I hope you will agree that we absolutely have to get this right moving forward. We have been arguing about it for at least 6 years, largely because of the inadequacies of the former, failed and ineffective so-called ‘Independent’ Administration; and I welcome the determination of the Conservative Administration now to get on with the job and deliver!’