Four-legged casualty rescued!

Freshwater Independent Lifeboat was paged on Tuesday and ground crew members quickly arrived to launch. The Needles Coastguard were also alerted and arrived quickly to site.

But the crews quickly discovered from the Coastguard, this was not a normal shout. A dog had slipped under a fence and down the cliff at Fort Redoubt, and into Watcombe Bay at Freshwater Bay. The owners called the Coastguard on 999, which was the correct and only safe way.

The lifeboat crew quickly discovered Archie, a four-year-old rescue dog perched on a ledge. After beaching the craft, they were able to lift the pup to safety.

Kai Hall, Lifeboat Helm said: “Archie was very well behaved on the way back. It’s a concern for crew when dealing with animals, they are often scared and can be unpredictable.”

Archie’s owner, Mr Knoakes, who was on holiday from Norwich, was waiting at the Boathouse for the boats return. The two were reunited, with Archie showing no sign of trauma from his adventure.

Josh MacGregor, Lifeboat Crew member added: “The crews were delayed by several minutes in Avenue Road in Freshwater Village. A lorry had blocked the road, and cars couldn’t move. A number of crew members, who were passengers ended up taking to foot and running to the boathouse.”

A reminder than pets should be away from the cliff edges, and if you see an animal in the water, or trapped along the coastline always call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Never attempt a rescue yourself.