E-scooter trial attracts attention of IW Police

By Chris Cornford Dec 7, 2020

Island Police have issued a warning to e-scooter riders following a series of complaints just days after a trial was launched on the Island.
Several people have been photographed riding e-scooters on the dual carriageway, pavement and other illegal areas. A Police spokesman said: “Changes have been made to the law so that e-scooters that are hired are legal to use in a public place, with some exceptions. However, personal e-scooters cannot be used in a public place. This is illegal; they can only be used on private land.

“I can assure you that we have seized privately owned e-scooters that have been used in a public place. It is likely that you will receive one or all of the following: your scooter will be seized; you will be charged a recovery and daily storage fee. You may receive six points on your licence and a £300 fine for ‘driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence’. You may receive six points and a £300 for ‘having no insurance’. Due to those two offences totalling 12 points, which will ban you from driving, you will be sent to court and you can explain to the magistrate/judge on why you were riding an e-scooter.

“There are other issues including driving with no MOT and tax. You may find that you incur a penalty for this as well.

“This is the law; if you are an enthusiast and want these legalised, riding them now will not help. Any plans to have them legalised may be pushed back. If you have issues with the law then you should write to your MP.”

The spokesman continued: “An e-scooter is classified as a Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV). You can use it on a road or a designated cycle lane. Beryl scooters currently have a maximum speed of 12.5mph.

“You cannot do the following: ride it on a pavement; use it on the dual carriage way; use it for ‘fun’ and do stunts; it is to be used by one rider at a time. You must have signed up to the Beryl app which will verify your age and that you hold a provisional driver’s licence.

“You cannot ‘drink or drug’ drive and you cannot carry passengers. You must follow the Highway Code; you can’t ride it through a no entry or the wrong was down a one-way street.

“Doing any of these things makes you liable for arrest, a fine, points on your driver’s licence and/or a court appearance.”