Daytime visitor boats now welcome at Cowes

Cowes Harbour Commission’s visitor moorings are now open for daytime and short stay visitors as of today, Tuesday, 2nd June 2020.

The CHC Board of Commissioners held a meeting yesterday evening and have agreed to allow both daytime visiting boats and short stay visiting boats at Cowes Harbour Commission visitor moorings.

CHC has been consulting regularly with local stakeholder groups and businesses and has been working towards a coordinated approach to easing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in Cowes Harbour, but recognises that individual marinas and mooring facilities will be making their own decisions about when and how to reopen.

CHC’s initial policy on a ‘safe return to family local boating in Cowes’ was based on balancing a cautious approach to safeguard the Isle of Wight, against the need to stay in line with the opening up of other harbours and marinas, and following UK Government guidance.

CHC continues to value positive communications and support from the Cowes Harbour Advisory Committee, which also met yesterday, discussed and supported the new CHC policy on daytime and short stay visitors.

Daytime Visitor Moorings
New at Shepards Marina is the offer of “daytime visitor moorings”, enabling boat users to come to Cowes and enjoy a whole day out with a pre-booked and pre-paid berth at CHC’s marina.

Short Stay Visitor Moorings
Short stay visitors are welcome on a first-come first-served basis at Shepards Marina, Town Quay, Whitegates Visitor River Pontoons, and the Folly Visitors Pontoon.

Trinity Landing is undergoing maintenance works that are scheduled to complete this Friday and so the Trinity Landing pontoons will be open for short stay visitors from 0900 on Saturday, 6th June.

Note that no rafting of boats is permitted at any CHC visitor moorings until further notice.