Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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Coastal footpath at Niton is re-opened

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One of the Isle of Wight’s network of coastal footpaths has been formally re-opened at Castlehaven in Niton. The restoration of the Village Green and the NT46 footpath are the result of many years’ work between the Isle of Wight Council’s Rights of Way team and Niton and Whitwell Parish Council with assistance from Gift to Nature and the Niton Harbour Club.

Graham Biss, Managing Director of Natural Enterprise said: “Castlehaven Village Green is the newest site in our Gift to Nature portfolio and has some of the most stunning views. We realise how important it is to local people and visitors and have enjoyed working with Niton and Whitwell Parish Council to enhance its appearance”.

Former Parish Councillor Jon Young said: “It’s taken a great deal of effort over many years to achieve this result. In my seven years on the Council, NT46 was rarely off the agenda. We stuck with it, as did our Isle of Wight Council friends, and I’m delighted that this right of way is at last available for everyone to enjoy.”

The recent works are part of the first phase of the restoration of the Village Green, which the Parish Council sees as a long-term project. Working in partnership with Gift to Nature and alongside the Niton Harbour Club, it aims to create a safe and functional public space that provides a natural habitat which is sympathetic to its environment.