Butterfly and bee meadow initiative in Havenstreet

Havenstreet and Ashey Parish Councillors have launched a new meadow initiative at Havenstreet Recreational ground. It follows requests from Parishioners to develop a haven for bees, butterflies and other wildlife, alongside the Parish maintained recreational ground and play area.

Project lead, Sue Lyons, said: “We have wanted to develop a environmentally friendly area for some time, and, thanks to working with partners and local residents, we have been able to take this project forward this year and at no extra cost to the Parish.”

Parish Chairman, Veronica Hattersley, added: “We have allocated a section of the Rec for a meadow, and we are planting it with appropriate seeds and wild flowers and will ensure there is a pathway for walkers within the meadow.”

The Parish are also looking to improve the play area, and, in the longer term, provide picnicing facilities; as well as maintain their commitment to providing dog and litter bins across the Parish, and maintaining the Glade in Ashey.

Cllr. Mick Lyons concluded: “While we have limited resources, the Parish wants to use those resources for maximum benefit, and this environmental project balances the needs of existing users of the Rec with wildlife and hopefully will attract more people to use this jewel in the crown of Havenstreet.”