Bob seeks government response on Agriculture Bill

MP Bob Seely is to seek feedback from the Island’s farmers on the government’s new Agriculture Bill.

Mr Seely will write to the local National Farmers’ Union over the proposed legislation which maps out how agriculture will function post Brexit and how the UK will take back control of the industry when we leave the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy next March.

The bill aims to reward farmers for the work they do to enhance the environment and will help them grow more high-quality food in a more sustainable way.

More public money will be devoted to enriching wildlife habitats, preventing flooding and improving air and soil quality.

There will also be a seven-year agricultural transition, from 2021 to 2027, during which Direct Payments will be gradually phased down and the new more flexible system introduced.

MP Bob Seely

“This bill is setting out a new deal for farmers and the public over how our food is produced and it will guarantee the highest possible standards of food production and animal welfare as well as increased productivity,” said Mr Seely.

“It also spells out that grants will continue so that farmers can get used to the new guidelines. These will be substantial changes and I am looking to make sure the Island’s NFU has the chance to discuss the bill with me and feedback comments and concerns they might have.

“We need to have that dialogue going forward so that ministers are aware of what the Isle of Wight thinks.”