Aliens back at Compton Bay

By Chris Cornford Dec 23, 2020

Aliens have appeared to land another first-class apparition which was spotted on Compton Bay beach on Tuesday (Dec 15).

While the Island was still coming to terms with the disappearance of our world-famous Monolith, Paul Bradley, of Brighstone, was walking his dog when they stamped across a postbox poking out of the sand. The postbox, like Dr Who’s Tardis, quickly disappeared shortly after it landed, with Paul saying: “It was gone when I came back; collected probably!”

But the IW Observer has had an inter-galactic chat with Arthur Reeder, who has over 200 post boxes at the Isle of Wight Postal Museum on Fairlee Road in Newport. He said: “I have looked at the photograph and I can see it is a George V postbox. It’s a great pity the aliens chose that one, as later that year the Edward VIII model came out and that is quite rare. I would have been down to Compton like a shot to ‘borrow’ it for the museum.

“It does show, though, that even extraterrestrials understand the importance of keeping in touch with loved ones at Christmas.”