Vote of confidence for IW Donkey Sanctuary

Curly Shirley is a beautiful brown donkey in her mid-20s who has been living with a foster family on the Island, after moving from a Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

She was very well looked after, but after her family’s circumstances changed they realised they could no longer keep Curly Shirley. They contacted the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary to let them know.

The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary faced serious issues in 2012, to the point that they were facing closure. A new team stepped in to run the charity with the help and support of the Sidmouth Sanctuary. They loaned money to get them on their feet, which was repaid within 12 months, gave advice about the donkeys and trained staff and volunteers.

The Wroxall-based attraction has really turned the corner, so much so that the Sidmouth team are happy for Curly Shirley to be rehomed there, rather than go all the way back to Sidmouth. She moved to her new home, trotting happily into the horse box and then into her new stable.

The team at Wroxall welcomed Curly Shirley into her new home and look forward to helping her to settle in. They thanked the Sidmouth team, especially Regional Welfare Officer Mark Kerr, for their massive vote of confidence in their ability to care for their new charge.