Sun shines on Co-op litter pick

Ryan Kitson and Lewis Jenkins, from the Co-operative Food store in Carisbrooke, visited roadsides and woodland to clear up rubbish as part of the Co-op National Awareness Fortnight, which ran from June 24 to July 7.

Lewis Jenkins, from Southern Co-op’s Carisbrooke High Street store, said: “We found that the majority of rubbish was close to one of the nearby schools and, other than this, the people of Carisbrooke should be very proud of how tidy and relatively litter free the whole area is.

“The bulk of the rubbish was soft drink containers and sweet wrappers. We covered just over five miles and filled six bags. We were really impressed with how well kept the majority of Carisbrooke is.”

Jessica Hughes, Community Investment Manager at Southern Co-op, said: “We always try and do something during Co-op Fortnight, but these colleagues used their own initiatives to make a difference. These experiences show that you can make a difference even if you just have one hour to spare.”

Caption: Ryan Kitson and Lewis Jenkins litter picking near the Co-operative Food in Carisbrooke