STAR LETTER: Roads are safe to use

Dear Editor,

It seems that history is repeating itself. Years ago the council spent so much money on professional fees to survey and design a solution to the Undercliff Road subsidence that they then couldn’t afford to repair it. They are now spending another fortune on testing equipment on Leeson Road before spending another fortune on professional fees.

Landslips have occurred in this area every few decades for centuries. Had the latest slip occurred fifty years ago, before testing equipment was available, the road would have re-opened months ago. After six months there is no evidence that the road is unsafe.

When Newport Road, Ventnor, is closed on June 24 for two weeks, there will only be one road to access Ventnor. If this road is blocked by an accident or a utilities emergency Ventnor will be cut off completely.

It is high time that common sense prevails and Leeson Road is re-opened. One could, as a precaution, ban heavy goods vehicles.

The council and/or Island Roads are being ultra risk averse with the present policy. One is more likely to be struck by lightning than come to harm on this road!

Philip Kennerley, Shanklin.