STAR LETTER: How much???!!!

Dear Editor,

I thought I’d check how much our half-a-sausage munching MP has cost us in the seven years since he was first elected. The figures are eye-watering.

Until April this year, he’s received over half a million pounds in salary (£557,816) plus many payments for media appearances.

When he was elected in 2017, he owned a flat in West London that was rented out and shared ownership of a property in North London. He appears to have sold his flat in 2019, but he’s never bothered to buy a property on the Island – instead he’s charged us £80,964 to rent one. And he hasn’t spent all his money on travelling either – he’s spent ours, to the tune of £43,008, and that doesn’t include his many freebie junkets to foreign climes – Switzerland (twice), Bahrain, Ukraine, Poland and Prague – and that’s just last year!

And for an MP who is well-known for a not answering letters and emails, you might be astounded to learn that he’s spent more than £1.2 million (£1,256,891) on staffing and office. For some reason last year’s staffing figures aren’t shown, so I assumed they would be the same as the previous year – probably an underestimate.

It’s little wonder he’s desperately trying to cling on to his seat. Reform UK is right, Britain is broken – and greedy grasping MPs, like Bob Seely, are just a symbol of that. Ian Pickering of Reform is getting my vote this time. To my shame I have always voted Tory in the past. Never again.

L Green, Newport