Ryde sign graffiti: ‘You’ll never leave’

The “Ryde welcome to the town on the beach” sign between Binstead and Ryde has been vandalised.

Reminiscent of The Eagle’s 1976 hit song, Hotel California, and The League of Gentleman’s Royston Vasey sign, the words; “youll never leave” (sic) have been written underneath the word “Ryde” on the turquoise hovercraft-shaped sign.

Speculation on social media has drawn the conclusion that the graffiti may be in reference to a recent run of poor service on the Hovercraft between Ryde and Portsmouth.

Also written on the sign is “third eye activate” and “ying”, these daubings are yet to be decoded.

Graffiti on the Ryde sign on the A3054

Councillor Wayne Whittle (Ryde North East), who lives near the A3054 sign in Binstead said he has taken a photo of the damage and notified the town council.

He joked: “It’s probably about the ferries.”

Ryde Town Council have been contacted for comment.