Coming soon…sex toys on sale at Sainsbury’s

All Sainsbury’s outlets are to stock vibrators, including those on the Isle of Wight. 

Dubbed “Saucy Sainsbury’s” by the national press, the supermarket giant unveiled its range of sex toys on Wednesday (October 24). There are Sainsbury’s stores in Newport, Cowes, Ryde and Sandown.

All 486 of the UK’s stores will stock the Rose Gold Bullet (£8) and Rose Blush Bullet (£12) by November 4, with some stores also stocking the Aura Silver Vibrator and Massager (£15).

Sainbury’s said it would monitor sales for six months before deciding if it would expand its sex toy collection in the new year.

Newport Sainsbury’s sex toys are more expensive than advertised

Julian Matthews, owner of Newport’s sex shop in Pyle Street, said they used to sell the same product as Sainsbury’s over a decade ago, and it could be the case that the supermarket giant got a good deal on a bulk order.

He added: “Yes, they are trying to muscle in on a niche business – as Poundland have done with lubricant products. But at the same time it could help us by introducing people who did not shop with us to become our customers. They’re only selling two toys, it could give people a taste for it.

“People might think, ‘well, there’s actually a proper sex shop in Pyle Street, we’ll go and see what they’ve got’. And obviously, we’ve got tons more.

“Here’s hoping it does have that affect, but we don’t need it to as we’ve been here 15 years and we have a customer base.”