RSPCA rescues badger from a hole lot of trouble

A badger who was found in a hole lot of trouble after getting trapped under foundations on a construction site in Ryde has been rescued.

The RSPCA were called to help free the wild animal, who was unable to escape after he’d become stuck down a hole.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Kane Goodyear, who rescued the badger from his tricky predicament, said: “The builder was surprised to come across this fella in a hole next to the foundations of a building on a construction site.

“He was a tad resistant to being rescued and was quite a big lad but thankfully he was uninjured and I managed to help him out and release him back into the wild nearby.

“I’d advise anyone who spots an animal in a similar situation to always get in touch with us and not try to rescue the animal themselves as they could end up hurting themselves, or cause the animal more stress or injury.

“Anyone who spots an animal in distress can report it to the RSPCA’s 24-hour emergency line by calling 0300 1234 999.”

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