Proud to be hover-ing in London Pride Parade

Hovertravel is proud to be part of the UK’s largest Pride Parade this weekend and, with a unique Hover Float, is claiming that this is the first time a hovercraft will have been seen in London since 1963.

“Thanks to our friends at Isle of Wight Pride, with whom we have worked very closely for two years, a hovercraft will once again float through London,” says Neil Chapman, managing director of Hovertravel, “Our engineering team has worked with great passion and vision to create this unique spectacle and some of our crew have even produced an extra-special uniform for all our volunteers on the day.”

Hovertravel’s engineering truck has been transformed from an everyday workhorse into a fabulous manifestation of a working hovercraft, complete with skirt, propeller ducts and some specially adapted marine technology. Emblazoned with Hovertravel’s distinctive union flag livery, this float will carry 12 people including its own dedicated DJ. The all-white uniforms, including boiler suits for engineers, have been given a Pride flourish with rainbow detailing on sleeves and the pilots’ epaulettes.

Neil continues: “We are absolutely thrilled to be in London for Pride this year. Promoting diversity, whether in our capital city or on the Isle of Wight, is important for everyone at Hovertravel and we are champions for inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.”