Ollie the donkey passes on to pastures new

Another much loved donkey sadly departed to pastures new from the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary on Thursday evening.

Oliver, who had been suffering from severe laminitis, passed away at 5 pm.

The sad news has come less than a month after the death of Ollie’s friend, Henry, the sanctuary’s oldest donkey.

The sanctuary has assured the public that Ollie had received all the care he required, but that his condition had flared up at the weekend

The IW Donkey Sanctuary team said: “Our sad year has continued today — our old and beautiful donkey, Oliver, bonded donkey with Scott, has passed away.

“Ollie’s life deserves a full celebration — he was a character donkey who meant a great deal to so many people. His life and special personality was so important that we will issue a special celebration of his life on our website and on Facebook.”