New sweet shop opens in Shanklin

By IW Apr 20, 2022

Candies, a traditional confectioners, has opened its doors on Falcon Cross Road in Shanklin, next door to the library and just adjoining Regent St.

The pink shop is stocked with over 150 jars, all filled with childhood classics from the past five decades with a large tuck shop featured at the back of the store. Customers can treat themselves to a selection of toffee, chocolate, milkshakes and soft drinks, as well as pick-’n’-mix sweets.

The store will also soon be selling a selection of Isle of Wight made products, including cakes, fudge, and ice cream to give tourists a taste of the Island.

The owner, Matt, started a sweet delivery business during lockdown, but the opening of the store has also created jobs for other Islanders.

Matt said: “I had always dreamt of opening a proper old-fashioned sweet shop, so when I noticed the shop was to let, back in January, I decided to take the plunge and start this new business and people love it. The shop was always meant to be a sweet shop and it just works.

“Customers are coming from all over the Island to experience our little sweet shop, that’s full of charm and joy. It’s full of sweet memories for everyone.”