MP Bob is ‘full of nonsense’

Sarah Morris and Ian Pickering

Sarah Morris and Ian Pickering, the Isle of Wight’s parliamentary candidates for Reform UK, say that MP, Bob Seely, would never be welcome in their party.

The comment came after Mr Seely claimed in the Sun newspaper that he had been approached to join Reform by a text message from “a senior member” of the party. He said that he wouldn’t join “A rag tag group with no hope of governing or leading”.

In an open letter to Mr Seely, Sarah Morris, the candidate for Isle of Wight East said that Mr Seely’s claims had been dismissed by the most senior members of the Reform Party, with party leader, Richard Tice, saying that Mr Seely is “full of nonsense”. She asked Mr Seely for details of who had made the offer so that his claims could be substantiated, adding: “We find it hard to believe that someone with your ever leftwards views and, at best, only a mild supporter of Brexit would ever be welcome in our party and certainly not, in the light of the Conservative Party’s gross mismanagement of government, be welcome here as even a party member on the Isle of Wight.”

Mr Seely said in his article that the government has had “a difficult few years”, due to Covid and the energy crisis, but that things were turning a corner, including on immigration, despite the news that the number of people arriving in the UK on small boats rose above 5,000 by the end of March, the highest number on record.

Mr Seely tops up his £91,346 MP salary by writing for newspapers and TV appearances. This year he has earned £2,550 for five hours work, charging more than £500 an hour. It is not known whether he was paid for his article in the Sun. Mr Seely also declares an income from renting out a house he jointly owns in London, with the threshold for registration being an income of at least £10,000 a year. He is also an army reservist which enables him to earn additional income.