Monkey Haven says goodbye to Djebra

The Monkey Haven are sad to report that Djebra, their Red-Tailed Geunon, has passed away at the age of 24. He was the only one of his kind in the UK and lived at the Staplers Road attraction for 10 years after he was confiscated in Israel as an illegal pet.

Djebra lived with the Colobus Monkeys and quickly became king of the of the troop and kept all the others in line. They will be feeling his loss as monkeys grieve just like humans. He had been ill for the last 20 months and as his condition took a turn for the worse there was nothing that could be done by either the vet or his keepers except stay with him until the end and he passed away on Monday.

Don Walser Founder of Monkey Haven, said: “The keepers have put flowers in his enclosure as a tribute to this little superstar. We’ll miss Djebra so much and will think of him now, bossing all the other monkeys around, in Monkey Heaven.”