Man posts video berating his letting agent about state of Shanklin house

A man claiming to live in a property “fully managed” by Watson, Bull & Porter lettings agents has posted a video online berating the company for the state of his newly rented property.

Posted on August 11, the video titled in part, “WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THIS?” Has been viewed over 7000 times.

The opening titles of the eight minute mini-documentary claims that Watson, Bull & Porter “have no standards” with regards to letting out and managing properties.

The audibly upset man describes his time in the Shanklin property as “three weeks from hell” and says he paid £2700 just to move in.

He then takes a handheld camera through his home, pointing out every fault he can find, from broken garden gate hinges to damp ceilings that appear to be so wet you can almost poke through them.

He complains that the house had not been professionally cleaned before moving in and tries to evidence this with close up shots of what looks to be animal hair between his floorboards.

Other complaints the man lists include cracks in the walls, holes in plastering, black mould, loose floorboards, untested lightbulbs, clogged drains, leaking basins, a long satellite cable, dangerous shower fittings and a hot top that is difficult to turn off.

He claims the letting company were aware of some issues and failed to tell him and that he couldn’t view the property as “tenants were still living inside”.

The man whose Youtube handle is S Gregory, says in the video, “we find it absolutely disgusting that they can treat us like this”.

He now wants his landlord and the lettings company to release him from the lease.

Attempts have been made by IW Observer to get in contact with S Gregory.

Countrywide PLC who own Watson, Bull & Porter have been contacted for comment.