Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

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Join Neighbourhood Watch & help communities support one another

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Now, more than ever, it is important that communities come together to support one another in these unprecedented times.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Neighbourhood Watch has for many years provided that “voice” for local communities so that the views and concerns of residents can be addressed with the police and other relevant organisations.

As importantly, it has also been a foundation in supporting and promoting community cohesion and togetherness within communities.

Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that no one has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live. It’s about people looking out for each other, crossing barriers of age, race and background to create strong, cohesive communities that benefit everyone.

There are currently over 4,500 NW schemes in Hampshire covering some 150,000 households with the main aim of helping prevent crime, reducing the fear of crime and improving community safety.

Crime cannot flourish in communities that care and by joining Neighbourhood Watch you can help be the eyes and ears of the community. You can find out if you have a scheme in your local area by visiting the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Neighbourhood Watch website, here. If there isn’t a scheme in your area and you’d like more information about starting one then please email the Secretary at