IW NHS Trust misses targets for cancer care, waiting times, mental health

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust and CCG has missed all of its major targets for cancer care, waiting times and other key services.

The trust has been ranked 112 out of 130 for patient waiting times, as patients waited longer than four hours to be seen, missing its target by almost 15 per cent, according to figures from October, 2018.

The trust ranked 89 out of 131 trusts for cancer care treatment being delivered within 62 days of urgent referral. This target was missed by eight per cent, according to figures from September, 2018.

Targets for access to mental health therapy within six weeks were missed by four per cent, ranking the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth’s services at 183 out of 195 CCG areas, according to findings from April and June of this year.

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Targets for planned operations and care within 18 weeks of referral have also been missed, ranking the trust 102 of 126 trusts. Targets were missed by almost 11 per cent. The figures for these findings were gathered in September this year.

Isle of Wight patients often visit Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust too. The trust over the water from Ryde ranked 124 out 130 trusts for patient waiting times, scoring lower than the IW Trust.

For cancer treatment, Portsmouth placed in at 52 out of 131 trusts, 10 places better than the IW Trust.

Portsmouth ranked 86 of 126 trusts in terms of planned ops and care within 18 weeks of referral, 16 places better than the Island’s trust.

In comparison, University Hospital Southampton’s NHS Trust, which is also regularly used by Islanders, ranked 85 of 130 trusts for waiting times, a higher score than the IW Trust.

Southampton placed in at 122 out of 131 trusts in the cancer treatment category, indicating a worse service than the Island’s.

For operating times, Southampton came in at 78 out of 126 trusts, scoring much higher than the Island’s hospital.

And for mental health, NHS Southampton ranked first of 195 CCG areas. Appearing to show their CCG area is the best in the land. However it was tied with Stoke and Darlington’s trusts.

The IW NHS Trust has been contacted for comment.