In pictures: Promised flooding duly hits East Cowes

The government flood warning was fulfilled early Wednesday (November 7) as the morning high tide, heightened by winds and unsettled weather, hit the Island – and especially in the East Cowes area.

Residents and businesses around the Floating Bridge in Cowes were warned to defend their properties and the roads were inundated as our pictures show.

Motorists in the area had to navigate cascading water as heavy rain later added to the difficult conditions.

East Cowes Councillor Karl Love sent pictures of his ward in showing cars careering through deep water causing quite a splash.


Trouble on the port side! – photo by Karl Love


The view of Cowes from East Cowes where the Floating Bridge docks – photo by Warren Whitmore.

Warren Whitmore, a Ryde resident, was brought up in East Cowes and sent in some pictures.

He explained it’s nothing new or exciting unless your not from the town as it happens every year.

Liam Cass of Well Road  whose property was affected by the flooding said: “It’s the same every year. It was far worse five years ago. For us, it’s just normal.”

A van causes quite a splash – photo by Warren Whitmore.

Cllr Love added: “It’s been the same for ten years.

“We’ve been saved from the high winds, otherwise the situation could have been far worse.

“I’m only glad the sandbank bank has been put in place.”

The 4×4 finally came in handy – photo by Warren Whitmore.

Karl Love hoped that the situation would improve after Red Funnel had built their new terminal and major road improvements would reduce risk of flooding.

Locals can fetch sand bags at time such as these from a specially constructed store at the end of Well Road.

A splash upon the cobbles – photo by Warren Whitmore.