Gallery: Lorry strikes shelter in East Cowes AGAIN

A lorry struck a shelter in East Cowes after it attempted to make a difficult turn.

The Hampshire Freight Services lorry struck the shelter on the morning of Friday (August 17), damaging its front bumper and scraping the paintwork of the shelter next to the Floating Bridge entrance.

A spokesman for Hampshire Freight Services apologised for the incident on August 17 and said he would have a word with the driver who probably didn’t realise he had scraped the paintwork.

The Ferry Road and Castle Street turn is notorious for seeing lorries get in to difficulty, the council say signage has been put up to try to prevent the issue from arising.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesman said: “A lorry has scraped the paintwork on the shelter and caused some damage to the aluminium. The lorry had attempted to make the turn from Ferry Road to Castle Street, not in accordance with the signage.”

After the incident, a councillor sent a catalogue of images to IW Observer appearing to show similar incidents at the same turn happening again and again.

East Cowes Town Council and County Councillor Karl Love believes this has happened in excess of six times in the past year.

Cllr Love said: “These are just a few of the lorries, there have been many more.”

See images from past incidents in the gallery below: