Ball bearings fired at baby’s bedroom in Brading

A Brading family suffered a terrifying ordeal on Saturday (December 22) when a BB Gun was thought to have been fired at their baby’s bedroom window, causing the pane to break into four pieces.
13-month-old Ronan Mullins-Jacobs was sleeping in a bedroom next to his father, Jack, in Brading High Street at 11.30 pm, when the attack happened.
The baby’s mother, Roisin, was downstairs at the time of the incident and heard a loud crash when the ball bearing struck. Fortunately, no-one was injured. However, so serious was the incident that it might have caused fatalities.
Ronan’s parents run a children’s dance academy in Brading and now have to pay for a replacement window during the festive season.
Police have not identified the culprit yet. Ronan’s parents have appealed to anyone who may know something about the incident in question to contact the police.