Cancer Services identified as priority topic for Healthwatch

Cancer Services were identified as a priority topic for Healthwatch Isle of Wight for 2016-17 as a result of engagement with the local community.

A questionnaire survey was carried out with local people who had used cancer services since January 2016. Questions concentrated on three topics that had emerged strongly from patient experiences recorded in a 2015 Healthwatch Isle of Wight survey on Cancer Services.

Cancer Services were identified as a priority

Responses to questions in the more recent survey suggested some decline in the consistency of case management since early 2016. Noticeable differences were described in the level of co-ordination between hospitals when contrasted with co-ordination between hospitals and G.P. practices. Experiences were particularly variable of information on other sources of support, for example community services.

To read the full report including the 6 recommendations and responses from service providers and commissioners please see: