Babushka Books says ‘support local bookshops’

By Chris Cornford May 17, 2021

Like many independent businesses, book-shops have been impacted greatly over this last 15 months, with many struggling to stay afloat.

Being forced to close, at a time when other businesses selling books were permitted to remain open, was devastating for the staff and families of independent bookshops.
Reuben Simpson-Little, Manager of Babushka Books, said: “Since reopening things have been brighter. It’s wonderful to welcome back familiar faces again after so long.
“The support we’ve had from the local community has been a beacon of light after the dark months of winter in lockdown. Customers have been delighted to wander amongst the shelves in the shop again, touching and breathing in the smell of books. So many have commented how comforting and familiar it is.

“It’s funny the little things we have all missed that we took for granted not so long ago. It feels really good to be back.”
Author Neil Gaiman put it quite simply: “A town isn’t a town without a bookshop.” They are an essential part of the high street and local communities. We hope that IW Observer readers and others will pop into their local book-shop to buy a book and enjoy a good read. And don’t forget to support local publishers and authors.