Work on Shanklin new library starts

Shanklin’s Mayor, Steve Knight, helped start building works at Falcon Cross, the future home of Shanklin’s Community Library, with Volunteer co-ordinator Maria Darbon, and architect Ben Vernon.

Cllr Knight said: ”We are delighted that the project can start before Christmas, and we are working to achieve phase 1 by the spring of 2020.”

The project includes stripping out materials from the old toilet block and installing new energy efficient and environmentally friendly features, as well as the new library linked to Falcon Cross Hall for innovative projects. It is planned that a town office will be opened in the second phase of the works.

Maria Darbon said: “All our volunteers and users are looking forward to seeing the project as it progresses, and we are already planning for how we utilise the space and maximise the potential of Falcon Cross, it will be a tremendous asset for the Town.”

Interior work is planned over the winter, with a special formal opening in the spring, and will link with other plans for the Town as part of a ‘2020 Vision’. Cllr Knight added: “I’d like to thank all involved for getting to this place. The new location is near Regent Street and the Centre of Town, and we can extend the range of services offered’.