Wightwash filmmaker calls for release of IWC documents after suicide

An Island filmmaker is calling for the release of a council review into the death of David Green who killed himself after being accused of fraud by the IW Council. 

An inquest was held into the death of Mr Green, chief executive Officer of the Eco Island Community Interest Company in 2014.

He had taken his own life the previous October five days after being falsely accused of fraud by the Isle of Wight Council.

Concerned about how information had been released to the press by the Isle of Wight Council, the coroner, Caroline Summary, addressed them directly.

She said: “I trust that there will be a full investigation and appropriate action taken against whoever has issued this information, either by way of a leak, in particular if it’s by way of a leak, or if the information was issued prematurely.”

That investigation never took place, according to the filmmaker.

He says  the council conducted an internal review instead which has never been published.

David George, Island filmmaker

David George, director of Utility Films said: “A review is not an investigation. Our 70 minute documentary Wightwash looks at both sustainability on the Island, and the troubled Eco Island project from its inception in 2007 to its collapse in 2013.

“It calls for the release of the Isle of Wight Council’s review into Eco Island. We have suggested a private showing of the documentary to all 40 Isle of Wight Councillors. 24 have replied, only 10 have expressed an interest in seeing the film.”

An Isle of Wight Council spokesman said: “In 2014, a review was conducted by the council’s then monitoring officer and Mr Green’s family were informed of the findings.

“The council will not comment any further out of respect for the family of Mr Green.”