Warriors beat as Tigers roar on

The Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors faced top class opposition at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium on Thursday (August 16).

The Mildenhall side were defending an 11 match unbeaten run and it was the Fen Tigers who bared their claws to inflict a sixteen point defeat on the home side.

After a morning of heavy and persistent rain the intensive track work undertaken by Warriors volunteers paid dividends as the surface held up really well to twenty one heats of racing with fast times and plenty of passing throughout the evening.

A Bowtell(R) D Ayres,
Mildenhall – credited to Ian Groves.

On a night when the powerful visitors provided thirteen of the fifteen race winners that led to eleven heat advantages, it was an uphill struggle for all the Warriors who, in fairness, never threw the towel in and kept battling to the end.

However, they came up against the Fen Tigers pair of Danny Ayres and Josh Bailey who were in dominant form, be it from the starting gate or behind.

Even without the services of number one teenager Drew Kemp, the Fen Tigers looked comfortable.

They then added in the tenacious work of much improved Ryan Kinsley, it was clear to see why the Suffolk side are going to take some stopping as the race for the league title comes to a climax.


Warriors : Alfie Bowtell 8+1, Danno Verge 3+1, Scott Campos 7, Chris Widman 2, Ben Morley 11, Jamie Bursill 3, Shaun Tedham 3+2.

Fen Tigers : Rider Replacement for Drew Kemp, Ryan Kinsley 9+1, Josh Bailey 16, Jordan Jenkins 7, Danny Ayres 16, Matt Marson 3, Sam Bebee 2.