Southern Vectis price increase on multiple day fares

Southern Vectis has announced there will be small fare increase made to their 7, 30 and 90 day Freedom tickets and their Multi-day Bundles from March 2019.

Meanwhile, the Island’s only bus service will maintain a price freeze on their 24 and 48 hour Rover tickets, one of the most popular bus fares for exploring the Island. Night riders and single fares also remain unchanged.


TicketPrevious CostAs of 3rd March
Adult 7 day£24£25
Adult 30 day£85£88
Adult 90 day£217£225
Young Adult 7 day£18£19
Young Adult 30 day£65£67
Young Adult 90 day£164£169
Child 7 day£12£12.50
Child 30 day£42.50£44
Child 90 day£108£112
Group 7 day£55£57


TicketPrevious CostAs of 3rd March
Adult 5 day£25£26
Adult 15 day£60£62
Adult 30 day£99£103
Young Adult 5 day£20£21
Young Adult 15 day£49£51
Young Adult 30 day£72£75
Child 5 day£16...50£17
Child 15 day£42.00£43.50
Child 30 day£60£62