Remembering Queen Victoria’s day out to The Priory

Publicity stunt, or profound act of Christian reconciliation? Nobody knows for sure.

But Queen Victoria’s visit to the newly opened St. Dominic’s Priory, the first Catholic institution built on the Island since Emancipation, was a profound occasion.

And it wasn’t without a little humour. The nuns stood respectfully to greet her majesty, only for her to whisper “don’t these women have any work to do?”, or words to that effect.

One day short of the actual 150th anniversary, Carisbrooke Priory will celebrate the occasion at 2.30 PM on Saturday 26th January with an ecumenical service of worship and thanksgiving, arranged in association with the Isle of Wight Catholic History Society. All are welcome to the service, or to simply enjoy the Priory that afternoon.

Refreshments will be available in the Tea Room, and guided tours of the house and grounds may be possible. Please email or ring 523354 for more information.