Police see increase in demand as Isle of Wight enjoys World Cup

Officers experienced an increase in demand across the Isle of Wight during the build up to the World Cup semi-final it’s been revealed.

Hampshire Constabulary saw an increase in calls during the World Cup period.

As a result, callers may have experience longer waiting times when trying to reach them on 101, particularly in the period following the England football match.

A combination of the good weather, school exams finishing, the football and other national events mean demand is higher than we would usually encounter at this time of year.

Superintendent Paul Bartolomeo, said: “Everyone, including police officers and staff, are extremely proud of England’s achievements so far in the World Cup. We know emotions can run high during these periods and we really want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves safely.

“We will be working during this time to help keep everyone safe. Please don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk – we don’t want celebrations resulting in people getting hurt or arrested. Please act responsibly, look out for each other and only call 999 in a genuine emergency.”