Outdoor gym at St Mary’s relocated to a better brighter space

Following feedback from the Isle of Wight NHS Trust the decision was made to relocate the Outdoor Gym at St Mary’s.

It was originally in a dark, hidden and out of the way position at the top of the hospital site.

Now it’s in an easily accessible, bright and welcoming area just off the path leading from the Education Centre/Junior Doctors Mess down to Sevenacres.

Staff at the Outdoor Gym – Contributed

Di Eccleston, Head of Occupational Health at Isle of Wight NHS Trust said: “A healthy and fit workforce is essential to ensuring that patients get the best possible services and treatment. Our outdoor gym is just one of the ways we support our staff. Now that we’ve moved the outdoor gym in response to staff comments it would be good to see it in use every day.”

Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive at Isle of Wight NHS Trust said: “Exercise is an essential part of living, the benefits of mental and physical health simply cannot be ignored. Yet, in day to day life, with numerous pressures in play, it can be difficult to find the time for fitness. I am committing now to using the outdoor gym. I am also challenging staff to join me in September to use the facility for at least 60 minutes, the equivalent of three 20 minute sessions, per week.”

The move of the outdoor gym was supported by the Trust’s capital investment programme.

Picture above – staff at the Outdoor Gym, left to right Di Eccleston, Joint Head of Occupational Health; Amanda Steward, Occupational Health Nurse;  Darren Cattell, Director of Finance, Estates & IM&T and Deputy CEO; Rev Janet Hallam, Trust Chaplain; Jo Sheppard, Catering Manager; junior doctor Dr  John Wilkinson;  and Trust Chief Executive Officer, Maggie Oldham.  On the right hand side of the sign, left to right Pam Ainslie, Organisational Development Project Manager;  Martin Keightley, Deputy Head of Health, Safety & Security;. Rob Jubb, Local Security Management Specialist; and junior doctors Dr Harjs Singh & Dr Oscar Croysdale.