Orders for Island business despite lockdown

Living up to its name, Isle of Wight-based artificial intelligence company Innovative Physics has secured a series of lucrative orders despite the current trade issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

After a series of demonstrations from a video link to his garden, as well as round-the-clock video conferencing, Innovative Physics chief executive Mike Anderson has announced new orders worth a quarter of a million pounds from customers in the Far East.

The business from Japan, South Korea and China is for products and consultancy concerning the detection of radiation.

It includes a new order for a modified Hot Spot Locator (HSL) a portable device that enables the user to detect and identify radioactive material, its source and its spread, quickly and accurately.

The new modification will allow it to be attached to a vehicle.

The company has also been commissioned to provide further consultancy advice to organisations in Japan in the field of nuclear decontamination.

Mike Anderson, said: “These orders would be welcome at any time but to secure them when we, along with many other businesses, are having to embrace new ways of communication with foreign clients makes it especially rewarding.

“We have built up excellent relations with the companies involved for many years and maintaining and developing them in the current context has been a challenge, but one we have needed to overcome.

“By necessity, in what is a global market, we do not work traditional hours and by using various methods including Skype, WebEx and MS Teams we have been able to get these orders on our books despite COVID-19.

“Though obviously, our preferred communication method is face to face meetings, we will continue doing what we have to in order to develop our business relationships across the world, and we are hopeful of securing more orders shortly.”

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Innovative Physics has also been among local businesses to have donated PPE equipment to the local charities.