Newport Subway entered and closed by landlord amid ‘bankruptcy’

Subway in Newport has been re-entered and the current tenants are barred from going in. 

The sandwich-bar franchise in the centre of Newport in Town Lane was entered by a locksmith on behalf of the landlord, Subway Realty Ltd.

Witnesses saw the locksmith enter the premises just after 5pm on Thursday (July 26).

Signs were then displayed in the shop windows stating any attempt from the tenant to gain entry to the property would “result in criminal/civil proceedings being taken against you”.

The store has been closed for around three days since Monday (July 23), leading to speculation on social media.

A former employee passing the store at 5.20pm told the IW Observer that they believed the reason for its closure was “bankruptcy”. The former worker wished to remain anonymous.

At last inspection by the Food Standards Agency in April, the restaurant was rated 1, the second lowest score – meaning “major improvement necessary” in the management of food safety.

The notice in the shop window in Newport – photo by Joe Burn (whose reflection is also pictured)

The IW Observer will attempt to contact the tenant and landlord for further information.