New school event planned as Global Challenge ends

Many schools across the Island have traditionally spent months planning, rehearsing and fundraising for the regional Rock Challenge, part of a national school dance competition running since 1996. Pupils were initially disappointed to hear that it would not be going ahead in 2020 due to a lack of funding.

But now the Guildhall Trust in Portsmouth has stepped in to put on its own event for schools across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, with the announcement that Dance Live will take place in spring, next year.

Workshops on choreography, digital and graphic design, and costume making will be offered to participating schools, with opportunities for pupils aged from seven to 18 to take part. Dances will be performed in front a giant screen making the digital show part of the performance.

Andy Grays, CEO for the Trust, said: “We have already been contacted by a large number of schools throughout the region and are delighted to announce this completely new and unique event for schools today. We are really excited to see how pupils will express themselves and utilise modern technology with dance and look forward to working with schools on how performance is changing in the modern world.”

Schools can register to find out further details at