Mother’s plea for son’s precious lost Minion ‘Bob’

A mother is pleading for the return of her son’s beloved soft toy. 

Mish Whitmore’s son Kade is feeling “lost and lonely” after his Despicable Me replica Minion toy, Bob, was lost after a Beaver camp.

Kade lost Bob on June 10, outside Corf Camp as he was leaving the Beaveree event.

Mrs Whitmore believes the toy was sighted many times and must have been picked up by someone.

Kade on his way to the Beaveree

She said: “Whilst leaving the camp he lost his beloved Bob Minion. We know where he was dropped, there were many sightings, and we know that he was gone by 3.30pm, so someone picked him up.

“He was dropped inside the Corf Campsite, along the path opposite the Pack Holiday building near the carpark.

“My son is still missing him, still concerned about him, and desperately wants him back.

Bob’s last known location – Google Maps

“This is his very special toy, and he’s really feeling this, not least because his grandfather died shortly before and he just feels so lost and lonely.”

Bob is a Build-a-Bear Minion, which are available on the internet, “but his is a bit more grubby”.

Kade and Bob


Anyone with information on Bob’s location can call either 01983 525753 or 07941101339