‘Mayhem’ predicted as 140 homes plan approved

The Isle of Wight Council planning committee has approved outline planning permission for the building of 140 dwellings. 

The plans are for the site of Rosemary Vineyard, on the outskirts of Ryde, and the vote passed seven votes to two.

On Tuesday (September 25), Councillor Geoff Brodie (Ind, Newport East) led opposition to the scheme, on the grounds of lack of access to regular public transport for future residents.

His objections were supported by Cllr Michael Lilley (Ind Green, Ryde East), who predicted “mayhem” on Smallbrook Lane, due to increased traffic in the area.

Cllr Ian Stephens (Ind, Ryde West), speaking on behalf of Cllr Vanessa Churchman (Con, Havenstreet, Ashey and Haylands), who had absented herself due to a conflict of interest, objected on the grounds that the impact on existing residents had not been addressed. He also pointed out the area concerned had always been impacted by flooding from Monktonmead Brook.

An artist’s impression of the development – courtesy of Rainey Petrie

The council had received 140 letters of objection to the proposed scheme, and a large number of concerned residents attended the meeting.

Mrs Jan Coventry, from Ashey Road (adjacent to Rosemary Vineyard) told the IW Observer: “The development is not necessary. It is turning Ryde into urban sprawl. We are losing our green spaces.”

Her comments were supported by another resident of Ashey Road, John Knight. He added that with the lack of a pavement on Ashey Road, “an accident is sure to happen if the development goes ahead”.

Fred Watts, from the rural village of Havenstreet, was concerned about the volume of traffic coming through his village. He said: “The village currently puts up with twenty-two thousand cars coming through every week. Havenstreet is currently choking and this development will only make the situation worse.”