LOOK BACK IN TIME: 24th May 1856

The Isle of Wight Observer of 24th May, 1856 tells readers about the exploits of two unfortunate young Islanders who were lucky they didn’t come to a sticky end.

YARMOUTH.- A serious accident happened on Thursday last at Bouldnor rookery to a young man who had ascended a large tree for the purpose of frightening the young rooks out of their nests for the sport of other parties to fire at. Suddenly the branch upon which the unfortunate young man stood broke asunder, when he fell with considerable violence, and pitched his head between two limbs of the tree. In that perilous condition he was obliged to remain for a short time, until a ladder could be procured to render the poor fellow assistance. He was found to be very much fractured about the head and other parts of his body. A cart was very soon brought into requisition to convey him to his home at Newport, where he received medical assistance.

A PROVIDENTIAL ESCAPE. – On Thursday last, a little boy about four years of age, the son of Mr. George Garland, foreman of the works at the New Fortifications, fell into a well at Sconce Point, in which dangerous position he was discovered by one of the militiamen stationed at the Fort, who instantly lowered himself into the well and brought the child up in a state of sensibility. Had it been five minutes later before any one went to the well, it must undoubtedly have been drowned.