Linkspan failure: Red Funnel issue statement

Further to our article of December 28, about delays to the Red Funnel Ferry service being caused by a faulty linkspan, Red Funnel Ferries have now issued a statement.

The linkspan issue is causing delays of up to fifteen minutes today (January 3).

It remains unclear as to when the problems with the linkspan will be resolved.

“We are continuing to operate a full service despite experiencing a minor technical issue with our upper linkspan in Southampton and are awaiting bespoke parts to fully rectify the problem,” said the spokesperson.

“While we expect to get the parts quickly, it’s possible they may not be ready for some time and therefore we are also actively exploring other solutions to solve the problem more quickly.

“In the meantime though, this issue means it takes us a little more time to load the ferry and unfortunately, during peak busy sailings, some customers may experience minor delays.

“In most cases this delay should be under 15 minutes.

“As always, operating safely and efficiently is our number one priority and we appreciate our passengers’ patience as our teams work tirelessly to ensure a seamless operation and to implement a permanent solution.”