Isle of Wight Pet Centre discovers soot covered lizard alive a week after fire

A soot covered lizard has been found alive and well a week after a fire tore through the Isle of Wight Pet Centre.

Staff at the centre took to Facebook to share the good news on Tuesday night (November 13), they wrote: “This little guy was found in the cafe whilst they were repainting it. Covered in soot but alert and active. He will need some TLC and a bit of extra grub, but we’re hopeful he’ll do just fine.”

This isn’t the first critter found alive since the November 5 blaze at Watergate Road, Newport.

On Friday (November 9), another lizard was found alive and well after escaping days before.

Survivor: This lizard was found a week after the saddening fire that killed animals at the IW Pet Centre – Image from Facebook

Again, staff took to Facebook to share the good news, writing: “This little guy escaped his vivarium in the days before the fire and we couldn’t find him anywhere, despite searching everywhere.

“Once the fire happened we sadly presumed him dead, but still found no sign of him. Today he was spotted casually chilling out on a shelf!

“We’re so thrilled to welcome him up to the animal room with all the others, brave little dude.”

The lizard that had escaped his vivarium days before the blaze was discovered alive – image from Facebook

The Island community has come together in support of the business after a number of animals, including famous and loved cockatoo Brolly, who sadly died in the fire.

A fundraising appeal raised £3,200 in just seven days, smashing its £1,500 target.

You can donate to the appeal here: